The Law: Fulfilled and Abolished, My Conversation with Joel Brueseke

One of the things that's been on mind since coming into a better understanding of grace and the New Covenant is why do we think the Old Covenant law of Moses needs to still hang around? There is solid evidence in scripture that it's been both fulfilled and abolished, so why are we hesitant to say that? Why was I hesitant for so long even though I've been questioning its need for years now? If I'm not under law but under grace, why did I think the law needed to hang around in the bushes nearby? Why? If the law is a ministry of death (2 Corinthians 3) and an obstacle that's hostile to the New Covenant body of Christ (Ephesians 2), what remaining purpose can it possibly have in this age of the Spirit? If Jesus cancelled it by nailing it to his cross (Colossians 2), why was I holding on to parts of it?

Most of us in the grace camp would agree that we're not under law but we still have a tendency to keep a grip on it and we're hesitant to let it go. Most of us would agree that the law was given only to the Jewish nation under a different covenant (the Old Covenant) and that Gentiles (non-Jews) were never under the law in the first place. So what is the purpose of the law today for believers in this New Covenant age? 

Join Joel Brueseke and me as we open scripture together and explore what it has to say about the law of Moses. This is a recent episode from The UnSunday Show:


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