Welcome to the UnSunday Blog. I created the UnSunday Blog as a companion site to my podcast, The UnSunday Show. I am a former institutional church pastor who has left that religious environment to find a better expression of Christ apart from religion. I ask honest questions about the origin and validity of institutional church rules, traditions, and practices. These religious rules and practices lead us away from the simplicity of the New Covenant gospel of grace and into an exhausting performance-based experience that is designed to perpetuate itself by placing ever increasing demands on its people that are of no value in Christ. If you're exhausted from trying to keep all the religious rules that have been placed on you, I invite you to join me as we explore the New Covenant gospel of grace and rediscover the freedom we've been given, apart from religion and empty religious obligation. 

 While no topic is off limits, I trust you'll find me non-toxic and I hope your stay here is encouraging. You can subscribe via email using the form in the sidebar. Thanks for joining me!

Mike Adams
July 1, 2022